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How CJ's Family Benefits From Paper


Get reliable learning support whenever your child needs it

Paper partners with your school district to deliver 24/7, unlimited, multilingual tutoring —at no cost to you.

"Knowing that tutoring is available 24/7 is amazing! My daughter no longer asks for help and logs in to get the proper help she needs from someone that has the patience and experience in helping students."
— Parent, Yakima School District, WA

Who doesn’t struggle with classwork from time to time?

Paper’s tutors are available on-demand for help in all subject areas in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Students just say hello, let us know what they’re working on, and one of our experts instantly start working with them.
Screenshot of Paper's Live Chat

Homework help

When students hit a stumbling block on an assignment, our tutors will guide them and help them better understand where or why they’re stuck. Students simply type in their problem, draw it out on the whiteboard, or upload a file from any device.


Writing feedback

Paper is an extra set of eyes when students need it. Our tutors review and annotate their writing, including feedback on style, structure, and grammar. From essays to lab reports, students can upload any written work along with their teacher’s instructions.

Screenshot of Paper's Essay Review
Screenshot of Paper's Group Chat

Study support

There’s no limit to how or what students can learn with Paper. With coverage for all subject areas and grade levels, they can prepare for upcoming tests, get tips on how to grasp concepts effectively, and even get help with elective subjects.


Entertainment-based learning

Getting kids excited about learning can be tough. By creating interactive live video content, PaperLive puts an educational spin on the streaming style kids already love. Each show is packed with adventure, stories, and learning concepts designed to pull the threads of their natural curiosity.

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Make the most of Paper

Paper helps you avoid the cost, time, and stress of having to relearn trigonometry and Shakespeare or hiring private tutors to help your child with classwork. Below are a few ways to get started with Paper.

Info sessions

Register for a free 45-minute information session designed for parents and guardians to learn about the many ways Paper can make a big difference in your child's learning.


Starter guide

Download the parent & guardian guide to get started, which includes an overview of Paper's features, quick links, and FAQs. Available in English and Spanish.


Student onboarding

Complete with videos, games, and interactive content in English and Spanish, Paper Station is a place for students to get acquainted with all of Paper’s features.

Advocate for Paper

Don't have access to Paper?

Explaining difficult topics, helping with test prep, supporting last-minute assignments—you have a lot on your plate when it comes to helping your students academically.

Use this kit to help your school system partner with Paper to provide free, 24/7 tutoring to all students.

Resources for caregivers

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