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Google integrations streamline the student experience

Student Paper users largely favor Google’s productivity tools for school-related tasks and beyond. 80% of Paper activity occurs on Google Chrome. Similarly, more than 30 million students use Google’s tools, such as Docs or Slides.

With this in mind, Paper has implemented two Google integrations: a Paper extension for Google Chrome and Essay Review uploads right from Google Drive.


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Paper’s Chrome extension

Paper’s Google Chrome extension offers students an easier way to access the platform for academic support. While browsing the web, students can instantly seek help from Paper tutors by clicking the “Ask a Tutor ” button on the Paper Chrome extension or by using the question matcher. Students can also get their written work reviewed by clicking the “Essay Review” tab. Paper’s Chrome Extension is available in the Chrome Web Store.

Paper's Google Drive integration

Paper offers an integration between Google Drive and Paper’s Essay Review, allowing students to upload an essay without leaving Paper’s platform. When a student uploads an essay, they’re able to select files from Google Drive after authenticating their identity on Google Workspace. This simplifies the Essay Review upload process by eliminating the need to search for and upload PDFs.

How students are impacted by the
Google integrations

Seamless access

Given Paper’s seamless accessibility via Chrome, students can increase their use of the platform, act on bursts of curiosity, and easily incorporate tutoring into their study habits.

All-in-one Essay Review

Students who rely on Google Docs or Slides can submit their written work to Paper’s Essay Review—all without ever leaving the Paper platform.

Solid grasp on learning

With Paper’s useful Google integrations, students can not only access tutoring more easily, but can also upload essays with just a click. The result? A better understanding surrounding key concepts they’re learning at school—not to mention more refined writing skills.

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