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Illinois' District 99 selects Paper for equitable, high-impact tutoring

Community High School District 99, IL, impressed by Paper's success in neighboring districts, chose it to provide 24/7 high-impact tutoring in English and Spanish.


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They have a wide range of subject areas, from English, Math, Social Sciences, to our electives as well. And they go from the very basics of math for elementary students, all the way up to Calculus 3, which I was very impressed by.

—Gina Ziccardi, Associate Superintendent for Student Learning

I feel obligated to give our students every possible resource and opportunity—there are a lot of students that need additional help. I don’t see how we can’t do this.

—Michael Davenport, Board Vice President

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With Paper, the district will now be able to provide equitable academic support—unconstrained by distance, time, or the availability of teachers.

About the student population

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
English learners
Community HS District 99


4,916 24.1% 3%

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