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Paper Live

Entertainment-based learning

PaperLive is a platform of interactive live videos that look and feel like the content kids already love. 


Each PaperLive show is created by educational experts and performed in a charismatic storytelling style, meaning every PaperLive episode is packed with adventure and learning. Although each show is unique and set in its own wondrous world—from deep blue seas to starry galaxies—every episode is rooted in a foundation of captivating, entertainment-based learning.
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Download PaperLive overview

The perks of PaperLive




  • Uncover new subjects that pique their curiosity.

  • Build knowledge and confidence in core academic areas.

  • Engage in high-value entertainment that nurtures learning.




  • Enjoy free, unlimited access to an educational after-school activity.

  • Feel confident about the quality of their child’s screen time.

  • Foster well-rounded learning outside the classroom.




  • Have an additional educational tool at their disposal.
  • Enjoy a scalable resource that's easy and free to share with students. 

  • Can leverage shows to bring variety to after-school assignments.

How to watch

Students explore the PaperLive schedule.
Select the future episode they want to attend

Click "book event" to reserve their spot