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Paper is one of the fastest growing companies in ed tech. We’re shaping the future of education. If you’re passionate about innovating, educating, and making a difference in the lives of every learner, Paper just might be the place for you.

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Our unique culture

You’ll feel it the second you meet the team—and when you see the impact we have on schools and students. Paper is driven to build an amazing business like none other, but we’re also fueled by a mission that is much, much bigger. It’s exciting, challenging, energizing, rewarding, and a whole lot of fun.

Our Philosophy on Paper

At Paper, we win when our students win.

We boost the confidence of students who are ready to embrace technology to improve the quality of their academic journey. Our adaptable and creative team is driven to push the limits of every student’s potential, leveraging innovation and efficiency to secure immediate support. The stakes are high: When each student’s story changes from struggle to success, from self-doubt to self-worth, we win together.

To do this, every member of our team embodies six supporting philosophies that we believe drive a culture of winning: starting with selflessness and resulting in excellence.

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You solve the big problems. We support you along the way.


Never stress about your health

All eligible employees receive comprehensive healthcare benefits. We’ve got you and your family covered when it comes to your medical, dental, and vision needs.


Perform at your best in a great workspace

Whether you’re virtual or working in a Paper office, we provide you with a productive and motivating workspace, including the best tools, tech, and training opportunities.


Plenty of time to recharge

Paper’s generous and flexible vacation policy gives you all the freedom to spend quality time with friends and family so you can relax, recuperate, and recharge.


Build camaraderie and relationships

We know we’re stronger together. Whether it’s working out together, playing Kahoot, book clubs, or wine tastings, we regularly organize events that bring us closer together and give us a chance to blow off some steam!


Take pride in ownership

As an ever-evolving company, we provide opportunities for you to take ownership of a challenge and see it through to completion—plus the guidance and support you need to be successful.

Ready to join the Paper team?

Meet the departments

Marketing We’re a tight, nimble team with big objectives: get the word out about Paper, spark interest in our target market, and keep our audience compellingly engaged. We use data, martech, creative thinking, and top-notch teamwork to make it all happen.
Partnerships At the foundation of our team are two core values: trust and credibility. Our team treats our partners’ challenges as our own. And from education to tech, we know our stuff. Working with our partners, we paint the vision of a better future, prove to our clients they’ll be successful, and work hard to earn their business.
Customer Success Our team turns vision into reality for our partners. We work with customers to define what success means for their Paper implementation and then take the lead on achieving it. We have the people skills, the technical skills, and the leadership to help districts successfully implement a new solution that transforms the way students learn and teachers teach.
Engagement How do you roll out Paper to thousands of students, teachers, and administrators in a school district—and get them to love using it? Talk to the engagement team! We’re experts at driving user adoption, and we won’t stop until we’ve reached every student and teacher who can benefit from Paper.
Service Everything Paper does is about getting learners connected with us. We’re the tutors who guide students to solve problems, grasp concepts, and sharpen skills. You won’t know what question may be coming next—but you can be certain that supporting learners in gaining confidence at every step will be rewarding!
Product We take the challenges our partners and students face and create solutions using people, design, and technology. It’s part science, part art, and a lot of exciting problem-solving.
Engineering Our team is responsible for the platform that powers Paper. We work in tight, agile teams to design and code exciting tech that scales to millions of users.
Labs The best-run organizations use data to guide their decisions. Our team is responsible for extracting the gold from all the data that Paper generates—unlocking insights to help students learn, teachers teach, and make sure our team and our tech run optimally every single day.
Talent and People Operations We find the world’s best talent to help grow our company. And we create a supportive working environment for you to thrive. From recruiting and onboarding to helping build and maintain a great culture, we’re 100% focused on what makes Paper great: our people.
Finance Finance fuels Paper’s growth. We work with VCs and other investors to fund our vision. We support our sales teams in cementing client partnerships and own the day-to-day management of our company’s financial resources. We ensure that we have what it takes to fund every sprint—and also win the marathon.