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How Does Paper Help Students?


Uplift your entire school community

Learn what district leaders across the nation know is working, and what needs work.

Achieve your district's strategic objectives

High-dosage tutoring is an evidence-based intervention that is available through various sources of funding. Paper takes high-dosage tutoring a step further with support that's equitable, 24/7, and designed to support key stakeholders across your community.

Take a big step towards equity

Close the divide between students who can access private academic support and those who cannot, at a fixed cost to your district.


Increase opportunities to excel

Give all students unlimited 24/7 access to personalized help in all subjects from multilingual tutors who meet them where they are.


Empower your

Leverage the power of 24/7 tutors that reinforce classroom instruction and keep teachers in the loop with students’ progress and needs.

Case study
Richland School District administrators empowered their entire community with Paper’s anytime, anywhere high-dosage tutoring.

Students engaged in 3000 live help sessions and 746 essay review submissions within their first few months of access, with 77% of high schoolers making use of Paper.

Teachers reported a lighter workload and better insights into individual student progress thanks to Paper. Administrators used data to enhance curriculum and instructional practices.

Give your teachers more fuel to do the work they love


Deploy the help of 24/7 TAs

Paper’s tutors are always available, adding an extra layer of support in and out of the classroom that helps teachers direct their time where it matters most.


Provide PD that works

Teachers experience a comprehensive PD program focused on using Paper to complement their instructional strategies both in class and asynchronously.

Trusted by schools and districts everywhere

Your Journey with Paper

We’re with you every step of the way

Paper’s support team ensures successful adoption to help partners achieve their unique goals. You can rely on us for onboarding, professional development with your teachers, and student engagement.

We take privacy and security seriously

Our technology and processes are designed to integrate with and augment your existing security and privacy practices. Paper operates under strict adherence to student data privacy laws such as COPPA, FERPA, and CSDPA. Paper is also a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and a member of the A4L Community and SDPC.


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