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A promise of impact—backed by research

Our mission started with providing academic support to all students, regardless of their backgrounds, across the nation’s schools. But equal access is just a starting point towards true equity.

At Paper, our team of educational experts and researchers is committed to finding solid evidence for our solution, helping you determine what truly drives learning.

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K-12 leaders need to be confident that the solutions they adopt can impact their community effectively.

Paper’s academic support solution has been independently validated to meet ESSA Level III evidence requirements, qualifying it for federal funding dollars.

Students who use Paper see gains in math and ELA

Student usage of Paper’s live tutoring and asynchronous writing feedback tools has a statistically significant relationship with academic improvement in ELA and math. Students who use Paper consistently amplify their learning gains

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    Students who engage in three or more math tutoring sessions experienced higher iReady® Scores, GPA, and PreACT® scores.

    • 9% higher iReady® scores among middle schoolers. (Mississippi district)
    • 1.32pts higher GPA among high schoolers (California district)
    • .5pts higher PreACT® scores (Arizona district)

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    Students who uploaded two or more written works for feedback from tutors experienced higher iReady® scores, ELA course grades, and PreACT® scores.

    • 31% higher iReady® scores among middle schoolers (Mississippi district)
    • 6% higher ELA grades among high schoolers (California district)
    • 1.85pts higher PreACT® scores (Arizona district)

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  • Consistent Usage

    Consistent Usage

    In collaboration with some of the world’s leading educational researchers, the Paper Impact Team synthesized the findings of 14 studies on the efficacy of Paper. We found that habitual users—students who used Paper just three times a month or more—saw consistent academic improvement.

    Every additional month as a habitual user led to an:
    • 8% increase in EOY math percentile*
    • 5% increase in EOY ELA percentile*


    *relative to their grade-level peers in their school

Students who use Paper unlock socio-emotional benefits

When learners take advantage of Paper, their pride and confidence shine through. 70% of students who used Live Help reported feeling more confident on their next assignment (N=420). 80% of students who used Review Center for writing feedback felt more confident on their next writing assignment (N=1,377).

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