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Paper's Student Code of Conduct

Tutoring Session Etiquette

Be respectful: Always treat Tutors with respect. Although homework can be challenging, keep in mind that your Tutor is a real person and is doing their best to help you! Please remember to be polite and patient with them.

Be considerate: Remember to use respectful language and behavior when speaking with Tutors. Profanities, offensive language, and rude behavior are not tolerated on the platform. This includes requests for contact information and sexual harassment such as flirting and inappropriate comments.

Be patient: It may take your Tutor a minute or two to read through your homework questions. Be patient and give them time to read and respond, especially if you’re working on a really tough problem.

Explain your work: Explain your homework, teacher’s instructions, and any specific questions you have as best you can. Remember, Tutors don’t have access to your course material, so make sure to send them all of the information about the question you’re working on. 

Focus on schoolwork: Our Tutors are very cool and interesting people, so you may want to chat about non-academic things. However, Tutors need to focus on helping students, so be sure to only ask them about your school work. Remember, you can always ask for breaks during a session if you need them!

Essay Review

Consider feedback:
If you want to submit your essay a second time, make sure to take Tutors’ feedback into account when making changes to your work before submitting the same piece for a second review.

Include instructions: Always include teacher instructions such as writing prompts, problem information, rubrics, and so forth, and your own comments when submitting an essay. This will ensure that your Tutor understands the assignment you’re working on and can give you the best possible feedback.

No reviewing in one-on-one tutoring sessions: Sentences up to a paragraph can be shared with Tutors so that you can discuss where you are struggling. For detailed reviewing and feedback, please use the Essay Review function.

Internet Safety

Don’t share personal information: For privacy reasons, please do not share personal information such as your last name, location, social media accounts, or personal contact information on Paper. Tutors do not require any personal information to provide you with the help you need.

Respect Tutors’ privacy: Please do not ask Tutors any personal questions. Tutors are happy to support you through your homework questions, but will not answer questions outside academic topics. Doxing and the sharing of tutors’ profile pictures is strictly prohibited.

Don’t share personal images/videos: For privacy purposes, we do not allow you to share images or videos of yourself, even if it relates to your schoolwork. For example, if you’re working on a presentation, a Tutor can review your script but not watch a video of you presenting.

Academic Integrity

Tutors don’t give answers: Our Tutors are here to help you be successful with your learning. This means that Tutors will provide the best guided learning experience to help you find the answer yourself. Your teachers can see your sessions and all the hard work you are doing with your Tutor. If you are asking for a lot of direct answers, they will be aware and will connect with you to help you understand how to best work with our Tutors! 

Plagiarism: If your Tutor notices you have plagiarized, they’ll give you some helpful tips on how to credit your sources appropriately. If a Tutor spots problems in your citations, they’ll let you know! Keep in mind that your teachers will be able to see if there are ongoing issues with plagiarism.