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Paper delivers unlimited, 24/7 high-dosage tutoring

Students get homework help, writing feedback, and study support on demand. Teachers gain insights into learning gaps. Administrators have visibility into where support is needed.

On-demand live chat with an expert tutor

Subject area specialists respond to student requests within seconds.

Screenshot of Paper's Live Chat

Rich online interactions

Whiteboarding, file sharing, and expert help across all content areas and grade levels in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Right-sized help

Students can get support for five minutes—or five hours—letting them weave extra help into the natural flow of their studies.

Insights for teachers

Teachers can easily see which students are seeking help, in which subject areas, with full visibility into student sessions.

Detailed and timely writing feedback

Frequent feedback builds better writers while reducing teacher workload.


Expert help with every type of writing

Students can submit any written work, including essays, lab reports, research papers, or college application essays.

Detailed annotations and thorough feedback

Tutors provide detailed notes on grammar, structure, and content. All work is checked for missed citations or plagiarism.

An extra set of eyes on every first draft

Because students’ work has already had an initial grammar and content sweep, teachers receive higher quality submissions that cut down their grading time.

Screenshot of Paper's Essay Review

Teachers in the loop, at every step

Powerful feedback helps teachers better understand students’ learning needs. 

Screenshot of Paper's Teacher Dashboard

Full transparency into student activity

Teachers have visibility into every essay, session, and group chat their students have on Paper in real-time.

Insights into student learning

By seeing where students need support outside of class, teachers can pinpoint learning gaps and offer more targeted instruction.

Tutor-tagged sessions for teachers

When students deserve a pat on the back, or perhaps need more in-class assistance, Paper tutors will annotate specific sessions for classroom teachers to review.

Monthly reporting for teachers

Reports provide teachers with a synopsis of their students’ activity on Paper, including usage rates and the concepts they’ve asked about. 

Administrative reporting and analytics

Gain insights into adoption and the biggest opportunities for meaningful intervention.


Visibility into usage

See when and where students are using Paper at specific sites and across your district as a whole.

Identify student support needs

Learn which content areas students are asking about and the times of day (or night) they’re studying.

Monthly administrator report

Site-level reporting highlights teacher and student engagement and includes the courses and content most commonly asked about.

Screenshot of Paper's Administrator Dashboard

Built for seamless adoption

Give learning help to all the students who need it—quickly and effectively.

Seamless integration

Paper easily integrates with your existing tech infrastructure for single sign-on and student rostering.

Dedicated, unlimited support

From day one of our partnership, you have a dedicated support team to ensure you reach your goals with Paper.

Specialized teacher training

Paper trains your teachers and staff (even parents!) to ensure community buy-in and the most effective usage.

Safeguard student privacy

Our technology and processes are designed to integrate with and augment your existing security and privacy practices. Paper operates under strict adherence to student data privacy laws such as COPPA, FERPA, and CSDPA. Paper is also a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and a member of the A4L Community and SDPC.


Paper goes far beyond what schools, private tutoring, and guardians alone are able to provide.

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