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What is Paper?

Free online tutoring for every student

Put success in every student’s reach with 24/7 online tutoring and academic support from Paper tutors.

A scalable online tutoring solution built on equity


Every student is covered

Paper partners with schools to make online tutoring accessible to all students.

24/7/365, on any device

There whenever and wherever students need it. No scheduling required.

Personalized and unlimited

Students get as much help as they need and have tutors’ full attention with unlimited, 1:1 support in their preferred language.

Delivered by our team of qualified tutors

Mission-driven and diverse

Paper tutors share a passion for educational equity and reflect the diversity of the students we serve.

All content areas and grade levels

Paper's tutors adapt their support to meet and exceed grade-level expectations in every subject.

Supportive and trusted

Paper directly employs and manages all online tutors so students have safe and positive experiences every time.



How it works

Students decide when and how to get help through Paper’s online platform available 24/7/365.
Educators and administrators get insights that help them support student progress.
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    Review Center

    Secure writing feedback—wherever students need it

    Writing is a significant part of students’ schedules, Paper’s expert tutors now offer writing feedback on various types of written assignments and projects via our new-and-improved Review Center.

    Learn more about Review Center >


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    Live Help

    Unlimited access to high-quality 1:1 instruction

    Students can ask any question, any time across all subject areas and grade levels—receiving on-demand, online help from an expert tutor with deep content knowledge.

    Learn more about Live Help >


  • screenshot_students_Insights-Dashboard

    Insights Dashboard

    Data Driven Instruction & Decision-Making

    Paper’s Insights Dashboard packages tutoring program data into actionable analytics that educators and administrators can use to inform their work.

    Learn more about Teacher & Administrator Dashboards >



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    Entertainment-based learning

    PaperLive is a platform sharing live, interactive, and educational video content that strives to inspire curious minds. Each show transports you to a new world—from ancient Greece to vast, starry galaxies. Although every show is unique, all are rooted in a foundation of captivating, entertainment-based learning.

    Learn more about PaperLive >



Built with efficacy and student safety
in mind

K-12 leaders need to be confident that the solutions they adopt effectively impact their communities and satisfy the standards of the Department of Education.

Paper’s award-winning academic support solution meets Level IV evidence requirements under ESSA.

Read the ESSA Level IV report >


Paper operates under strict adherence to student data privacy laws including COPPA, FERPA, and CSDPA. Paper is also a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and a member of the A4L Community and SDPC. All Paper Tutors are directly employed and managed by Paper and undergo a rigorous background check before working with students.


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