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Who are Paper's tutors?

Meet our tutors

Your learners deserve the best. Paper is powered by highly qualified, experienced tutors—all of whom are rigorously trained to help students ask questions, work through problems, and grow their confidence.

Our tutors use the Paper Method

What is the Paper Method?

Rather than giving away answers, Paper tutors ask thoughtful questions to assess what students already know—guiding them toward solutions on their own. 

The Paper Method promotes critical thinking, facilitates a lifelong love of learning, and paves the way for long-term success.

How it works


Students come to Paper with a question or concept they want to explore.


Tutors identify what students already know and pinpoint any potential knowledge gaps.


Tutors use questions to guide students through the problem or deepen their understanding of a concept.


Tutors clarify points of confusion and promote deep thinking, understanding, and reflection.


Students leave the session more confident in their ability to solve similar problems independently.

What makes a Paper tutor?

Unlike other providers, we hire and manage highly skilled tutors directly—we don't work with contractors. Each tutor is carefully vetted, screened, trained, and supported to ensure student safety and success.

Get to know some of our tutors

Meet some of the experts empowering students everywhere.

Trusted partners for classroom teachers

How Paper tutors support classroom teachers

Paper is available 24/7 so teachers don’t have to be. With tutors serving as on-demand teaching assistants, teachers can rest assured knowing their students always have qualified and encouraging experts to lean on. 

With this added layer of support, teachers can make the most of each instructional day, gain insights on student learning, and reclaim time for themselves.

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