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Get more fuel to do the work that you love

Paper’s tutors act as 24/7 virtual teaching assistants, extending your bandwidth while lessening your workload.

“It not only helps students—it also helps teachers support their students much more strategically, and improve their ability to provide needed interventions to students on a 24/7 basis.”
— Dr. Matt Rhoads, Researcher, Author, and Teacher, San Marcos Unified School District, CA

You have one of the world’s most demanding jobs

Paper is here to help you support your students and deliver targeted instruction—all while keeping you in the loop.

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Leverage the support of 24/7 TAs

Unlock time to focus on high-value work such as content, grading, and relationships while Paper’s tutors help your students learn at their own pace.

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Personalize your instruction

You can personalize assignments, knowing that each of your students can lean on Paper’s 1:1 tutors to help them based on your guidelines.

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Get actionable insights on student learning

You’re in the loop on your students’ tutoring sessions. You can see where they’re requesting help to tailor your instruction and classroom goals.

Cover of Case Study - How Teachers Used Paper to Give More A's
In this high school, 9th graders were struggling with essay writing and peer reviewing, so their English teachers required them to use Paper’s Essay Review feature.
Teachers have since seen their students’ grades increase while also lightening their own workload.

Help your classroom thrive

From ongoing training to supporting your unique instructional goals, Paper helps you do the work you love.

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We provide comprehensive professional development

You don’t need anything new added to your workload. Bringing Paper into your classroom is frictionless, and our dedicated professional development and support teams ensure that you get way more out of Paper than you put in.

We align with your teaching methodology

Paper’s tutors never give away answers. They use the Socratic method to help students lean on what you’ve already taught them, helping them become confident and independent learners.

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