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How Do Teachers Use Paper?

Get more fuel to do the work that you love

With Paper's tutors on your side, you can allocate your instructional time effectively knowing your students always have an extra helping hand to learn at their own pace.

“It’s nice to know there’s someone else out there who can jump in my role, and do something similar to what I would do at any moment.”

You have one of the world’s most demanding jobs

Paper's tutors deliver on-demand, personalized support that complements what students are learning in your classroom—all while keeping you in the loop.

Leverage the support of 24/7 TAs

Paper’s tutors are always available—adding an extra layer of support in and out of the classroom and helping you direct your time where it matters most.


Personalize your instruction

You can personalize assignments, knowing that each of your students can lean on Paper’s 1:1 tutors to help them based on your guidelines.


Get actionable insights on student learning

You’re in the loop on your students’ tutoring sessions. You can see where they’re requesting help to tailor your instruction and classroom goals.

Thumbnail of Cover of Case Study - Irvine USD

In this high school, 9th graders were struggling with essay writing and peer reviewing, so their English teachers required them to use Paper’s Essay Review feature.
Teachers have since seen their students’ grades increase while also experiencing Paper lightening their own workload.

Help your classroom thrive

From asynchronous training to supporting your unique instructional goals, learn how Paper helps you do the work you love.


Comprehensive PD

Paper offers an asynchronous, interactive learning platform called Paper Trail™ to help you get acquainted with all things Paper when it's convenient for you.


Interactive expert talks

Learn about Paper from our experts, or hear from experts in the industry on timely topics. Paper Pointers™ sessions run multiple times per week throughout the school year.


Teacher resources

Construction Paper is our handy teacher toolkit with plug-&-play activities, resources, and more. As the name implies, these are under continuous construction.