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Watch: Richland SD talks about how Paper has impacted teachers, students, and the district’s learning culture.


Uplifting a school community with unlimited, 24/7, and districtwide tutoring 

The dilemma

Richland SD was driven to help every student excel. But providing extra help and differentiated instruction—when and how students needed it—seemed impossible. When the pandemic hit, the district’s challenges were amplified.

“Students might need help in the evenings when we’re unavailable.”

— Tiffany Mock, Remote Learning Specialist, Richland SD, Pennsylvania

The solution

The district’s administrators sought a solution that students could access at their convenience, that would be an avenue for self-advocacy and would help them think through problems rather than just giving them the answer. Richland School District chose Paper’s unlimited 24/7 tutoring platform.

“We wanted to give our students an opportunity to self-advocate and find the answers on their own—with a knowledgeable resource.”

— Kelly Lashinsky, AP and Federal Programs Coordinator, Richland SD, Pennsylvania

Implementation and rollout

Adoption was priority #1 as soon as Paper launched. To promote the service, Richland launched a multi-channel social media campaign, charged remote learning specialists with pushing into class, and asked teachers to integrate Paper into synchronous and asynchronous learning.

“I actually made [Paper] a graded assignment.”

— Mike Oravec, Algebra & Calculus Teacher, Richland High School, Pennsylvania

Adoption: Paper in action

Thanks to single sign-on, students accessed Paper directly from their Google Classroom. Synchronously and asynchronously, they used Paper tutoring for writing feedback, math, chemistry and more. Best of all, it was available day and night—even at 2 a.m.

“The teachers can see which concepts students are having trouble with and ... catch those kids up to speed.”

— Brandon Bailey, Director of Educational Services, Richland School District, Pennsylvania

The impact

With more than 3,000 learning moments supported by Paper in just the first few months, students got help when they needed it, how they needed it. Teachers were freed up to focus more on content, individualized instruction and relationships. Administrators used data to enhance curriculum and instructional practices.

“I use Paper a lot. At least once a week.”

— Jackson, Fifth Grader, Richland Elementary, Pennsylvania

About the district

Standing at the heart of this thriving community, Richland School District is ranked in the top 25% of school districts in Pennsylvania, and in the top 15% of districts with the best teachers in the entire state.

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
English learners
Richland-School-District---horizontal 1,524 31.9% 0.9%

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