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How tutors are building student confidence at Meridian CUSD 223

Paper tutors never give away answers—they guide students to find them on their own. The result is more confident and independent learners. See Paper's inquiry-based method in action at Meridian CUSD 223, IL.

They never give you the answer, they ask you questions until you know what the right choice is for any problems. Once I'm done with [a session], I'm like 'Oh, I understand this!' and then I'm confident for the rest of that subject. 

Madison, Student 

I use Paper every time I have stuff I don't understand. They usually help you through it step-by-step — after they help you they even give you a couple of problems to do it on your own. 

Ethan, Student 

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How Paper is building students' understa...
With Paper, Meridian CUSD 223 is delivering on-demand, multilingual, 1:1 academic support for all K-12 subjects—so students always have access to expert help when, where, and how they need it.

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