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Blending GenAI with human expertise for better, faster, writing help

Nov 15, 2023 1:31:50 PM

Today, we announced a major advancement at Paper: the synergistic blend of GenAI technology with the expertise of human tutors in our Review Center.

With the ability to help students across a broad range of writing assignments, this dual approach not only accelerates feedback delivery by 34% but also maintains a high touch of human interaction—reflected in a 97% student satisfaction rate.

This unique combination ensures that while GenAI provides efficient and rapid analysis of essays, our human tutors bring a personal, insightful, and nuanced touch to the feedback process. 

Tutor Laura Levesque shares her experience:

"What’s been so extraordinary has been this ability to use AI to reduce stress and strain on me while still providing actionable, valuable, and personalized feedback to students.


What I love most is that I have the opportunity to focus more effort on the content of student work to make sure that their thinking and meaning truly shine in their writing, especially when AI can focus on catching other important errors in grammar and format.”

To learn more about how Paper's fusion of GenAI and human expertise is redefining educational support, read the full press release here.

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