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About Our Tutors

Paper tutors are mission-driven educators. Each tutor possesses deep content area expertise and undergoes a rigorous evaluation during the application process. Paper is committed to staffing tutors of diverse backgrounds to help support students of all backgrounds and learning styles.


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Minimum Qualifications

  • At least one year of teaching or tutoring experience
  • Undergraduate Degree conferred or in progress
  • Demonstrated content area expertise
  • Ability to adapt to individual student needs and learning styles

Tutor Candidate Evaluation Process

  • Instructional effectiveness assessment
  • Candidate interviews with Talent Acquisition
  • Thorough background check - national and local
  • Subject-specific content knowledge assessments

Paper tutors are employees, not contractors, and receive the necessary training to provide a safe and effective learning environment for students. Tutors are trained in the Paper Method to support students in ways that develop critical thinking skills by eliciting prior knowledge, guiding discovery, and supporting metacognition.

Tutor On-Boarding Program

  • Paper Teaching and Learning professional
    development course completion and certification
  • Shadowing experience with experienced
    tutoring staff
  • Observation and feedback from Paper Tutor
    Success team

Paper Tutors are continuously evaluated and participate in ongoing professional learning to develop effective tutoring strategies, emphasizing student

Ongoing Professional Learning

  • Effective tutoring strategies
  • Creating a safe and supportive learning
    environment for students
  • Student engagement strategies in an online setting
  • Regular evaluation and coaching from Paper Tutor Success team

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