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High schooler Alex on going from feeling frustrated to accomplished with Paper

When students are studying independently, being stuck on certain problems or concepts for too long can leave them feeling defeated. One way Mohawk Area School District is preventing this is by providing on-demand access to live tutors. Watch Alex explain how Paper helps him keep up his momentum.

They're able to explain it step by step to make sure that you understand. Even though you're using a tutor on Paper you still feel accomplished. It's helping me understand things that maybe I wouldn't have gotten just trying to struggle through it or rushing to try to figure it out really fast.

Alex, High School Student, Mohawk Area School District, Pennsylvania 

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High Schooler Alex on unlocking frustration & feeling accomplished

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Resource inequities. Low confidence. Teacher burnout. In this series of short films, we explore how school systems are tackling age-old challenges with innovative, 24/7 academic support—driving potential and confidence in their communities.

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