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BOARD presentation

Paper usage at J.O. Combs USD tripled within a year—watch how

Data and use cases presented to the Board show how Paper is providing the highly personalized educational support both students and teachers need.

What we really like about [Paper] is that it makes them use their critical thinking skills instead of just giving them the answer and moving them along. They are using it to be more independent and find clarification on their own.

Ms. Brophy, Middle School Math Teacher

I find Paper an effective and useful app. When I use Paper I feel like I'm not judged and I'm not scared to ask questions. I have no cons for it because I enjoy using it!

— Tryohn, Middle School Student

For my students, it has helped them get a lot of feedback. With new things we're doing with The Portrait of A Graduate, they can turn in their portfolio, resume, cover letters, and get feedback for that too.

— Ms. Ouelette, High School ELA Teacher

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With Paper's Educational Support System (ESS), the district can ensure all students have access to expert help when, where, & how they need it. Paper provides on-demand, 1:1 tutoring across all subject areas and in multiple languages. Students also receive asynchronous learning opportunities such as math and writing help, college and career support, and afterschool programming. Paper’s highly qualified educators use a student-centered framework emphasizing inquiry-based learning and 21st century skills to propel lifelong learning and post-graduate success.

About the student population

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English learners
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4,153 49.3% 1.9%

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