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How Paper fits into Belleville's academic support programming

Watch: Melissa Taylor, assistant superintendent for student services, on providing the right tutor to students, right when they need them


With 24/7 educational support, Belleville Township High School District 201 advances learning and future readiness 

On-demand academic support helps students both in the classroom and after school hours

Every student now has anytime access to homework help, writing feedback, and study support  

The dilemma

The district was finding it difficult to meet the needs of its students because of a shortage of qualified local tutors who could provide consistent, in-person tutoring.

The solution

Belleville sought a solution that would provide 24/7 support to students across an array of subjects, while also aligning with its commitment to inquiry-based learning.

The takeaway

Usage of Paper has exceeded the district’s expectations. Students like the fact that Paper helps them become better learners. And teachers—especially those who assign essays—appreciate Paper’s Review Center.

About Belleville Township High School District’s student population

  Enrollment English Learners Socioeconomically








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