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24/7 personalized support to students at Bremen High School District 228

Watch: Dr. Corinne Williams, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, explains how Paper™️ delivers individualized support to students 24/7, wherever and whenever they need it. 


Chicagoland’s Bremen High School District 228 puts students at the center with 24/7 educational support

The dilemma


The district needed a sustainable strategy to increase engagement while also supporting its mission to grow student-centered learning and advance equity across a very diverse student body.

Need to increase student-centered learning and engagement
Anytime, anywhere access to expert tutors for students



The fact that Paper provides anytime, anywhere access was critical in serving students whom in-person tutoring was not reaching. The district also liked the fact that a single provider could help across a wide range of subjects—and that tutors could teach in Spanish, French, and Mandarin, as well as English. 

Implementation and rollout


To spread the word about Paper, the district’s communications team leveraged marketing resources that Paper offers. They also incentivized teachers to adopt the platform in the classroom. 


Leveraging Paper marketing resources to spread awareness
Campaign launch to leverage Paper's essay review service

Paper in action


Math teachers were the first to guide students to take advantage of the help Paper could offer. Soon thereafter, the district successfully launched a campaign to take advantage of Paper’s essay review service. 

The impact


The district exceeded its goal of getting at least 40% of the student population to use the platform in the first semester. By the end of the second semester, the proportion of students on the platform reached nearly 60%.


Nearly 60% of students use Paper at this district

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