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24/7 educational support for Ogden School District

Watch: The Director of Student Achievement at Utah’s Ogden School District explains how Paper™️ supports student-centered learning and “voice and choice.”


 Utah’s Ogden School District drives student-centered learning with 24/7 educational support

The dilemma

The district sought to meet the individualized academic support needs of a diverse student population—both inside and outside of school. But it did not want to further burden hard-working teachers.

Personalized academic support needs at Ogden School District
How Paper supports Ogden School District with student-centered learning



Working with Ogden’s Equity and Access Department, McMickell and his team chose Paper’s 24/7 Educational Support Slatform. Paper helps advance the district’s commitment to student-centered learning by making support accessible to students beyond the school day, wherever and whenever works best for them. 


Implementation and rollout


The district leveraged deployment templates provided by Paper to launch awareness and education campaigns coordinated across email, social media, signage, billboards, and live information sessions. They also made Paper training a centerpiece of teachers’ professional development plans. 


Paper awareness and education campaigns at Ogden School District
How did Paper provide value at Ogden School District?

Paper in action


From fifth graders looking for help in basic algebra all the way up to advanced students studying coding languages like Python, Paper has been a hit. Very quickly, students, teachers, administrators, and families could see the value Paper provided. 


The impact


Since rollout, students have engaged in more than 7,500 learning moments with Paper. Students who used the platform once have been coming back to use it again—a strong indicator of success. “That just speaks volumes to the value of Paper,” says McMickell.  


More than 7,500 learning moments with Paper

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