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Case Study Cover and Page - Woodside High School


How Woodside High School teachers supported learning during COVID-19

“I was able to quickly view and keep track of topics students were struggling with and find more detail about each tutoring session. I was also able to reference these with other teachers to help students succeed in their distance learning journey.”
— Teacher, Woodside High School, Sequoia Union HSD, California

Helping students thrive in remote settings

Woodside High School students had access to tutors, no matter the obstacles at home.

The dilemma

Woodside High School teachers in Sequoia Union HSD were looking for new ways to assess their students' learning progress and hold them accountable to succeed in the remote setting.

The solution

Teachers required students to complete Paper tutoring logs and reflect on their points of confusion, which helped students maximize learning retention and teachers assess the effectiveness of their lessons.

The takeaway

Thanks to Paper’s 24/7 Live Help, students had access to academic support while learning from home. Student engagement across the district increased by an astonishing 503% following school closures.

About the student population

Woodside High School is one of eight schools in Sequoia Union High School District.

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
English learners

Sequoia UHSD Logo

9,021 38.1% 14%

Woodside High School Logo

1,964 42.1% 13.6%

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