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5 ways student-centered interventions can increase engagement

As attendance, enrollment, and graduation rates dwindle nationwide, K-12 leaders know their educational offerings must be reshaped to fit the student—not the other way around. Read how educational support can play a role in re-engaging students for success in school and beyond.


Learn how to support your students with the help they deserve

What’s inside?

  • Data-backed insights on driving student engagement and learning acceleration, and how school districts can move these metrics simultaneously.
  • Five ways student-centered interventions can engage students and motivate them to succeed—not just for high-stakes assessments but also for college, career, and life.
  • Case studies of 10 school districts leveraging Paper's Educational Support System to empower students
  • Testimonials from students about what they love about the Paper solution provided to them by their school district.

What's it about?

Rightfully, there has been a heightened focus over the last few years on accelerating learning with robust interventions such as high-impact tutoring. 

But many district leaders are also using the momentum from recent funding and technological advancements for academic interventions that promote student motivation, agency, and 21st-century skills as much as grade-level achievement.

This ebook outlines how academic interventions that combine the principles of high-impact tutoring and student-centered learning can supercharge engagement, drive learning acceleration, and lead to better college and career-readiness outcomes in your district. 


Learn how to support your students with the help they deserve

Let’s talk about your goals

Looking to implement high-dosage tutoring at your school or district? We'd love to show you how Paper can help make it equitable, scalable, and cost-effective.