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Highline Public Schools selects Paper for 24/7 and year-round learning support

At Highline Public Schools, WA, students and families will be able to get 24/7 and year-round live help and writing feedback from tutors—even in the summer.

Before we even decided to go into distance learning, we were doing work with our secondary schools in acceleration. And so this has been an ongoing conversation in terms of what we could do so students can continue to maintain and not fall back. And hearing what Paper had to offer, it felt like the right place for us to go ahead.

Ben Gauyan, Instructional Leadership Executive Director, Highline Public Schools, WA

Paper runs the analytics for us. So we're working with school principals to identify what they want to look at and track: Which groups of students are using the tool? What time of day, and for what content area?

Deborah Rumbaugh, Instructional Leadership Executive Director, Highline Public Schools, WA

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With Paper, the district will now be able to provide equitable academic support—unconstrained by distance, time, or the availability of teachers.

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