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In a community with inaccessible tutoring, Paper gives 8th grader Sammy a boost

With Paper, Sammy always has on-demand access to dedicated tutors. Watch how this makes homework a breeze for everyone at home.

In the community that we live in, there isn't any other tutoring resource so Paper has really filled a void.

Rather than coming to Mommy or Daddy for help, [Sammy] can log on and he's got a partner in crime. I don't have to push it. It's definitely integrated into our nightly homework routine!

Julie, Parent 


What I like most about using Paper is the fact that no matter what time, I can always get help. And whoever's helping me is always kind and they're able to slow it down and help me understand the question.

Sammy, Student 

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In a community with inaccessible tutoring, Paper fills the gap
With Paper, school districts deliver on-demand, multilingual, 1:1 academic support for all K-12 subjects—so students always have access to expert help when, where, and how they need it.

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