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La Cañada USD board approves individualized academic support through Paper™

According to La Cañada USD CTO, Paper™ helps meet the needs of their parents, families, students, and teachers

"How do we support our kids better? How do we make sure our parents are supported and that our kids are getting additional individualized support? I think it’s affordable. I think we can make it available to every learner, and it would really create the niche environment and the higher-level standards of academic excellence.”

— Wendy Sinnette, Superintendent

"What’s really interesting about the company is that all of the educators are trained in the [Paper] Method. The kids aren’t just given the answers; they have to work through the problem with the tutor.”

— Jamie Lewsadder, CTO

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La Cañada Unified School District levels the playing field for all learners

La Cañada USD partners with Paper to provide access to unlimited academic support to all students in grades 4-12 to address the heightened need for flexible and personalized online support for students in a remote setting.

About the student population

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
English learners
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4,131 4.6% 3.2%

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