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student & caregiver perspectives

Mom Cherie on the value of 24/7 tutoring at home

Though they might want to, caregivers often have too much on their plate to offer their children academic support when needed. By having 24/7 tutoring access on Paper,  Mom Cherie explains how the stress over schedules, commutes, and fees goes away.


Paper tutors are real live people. They care enough to just even say 'hey, how was your day?' before moving into an assignment... I think that makes the kids more likely to finish their work as well!

Cherie, Parent, Mohawk Area School

   District, Pennsylvania



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Mom Cherie on the value of 24/7 tutoring at home

Real schools, real people, real impact

Resource inequities. Low confidence. Teacher burnout. In this series of short films, we explore how school systems are tackling age-old challenges with innovative, 24/7 academic support—driving potential and confidence in their communities.

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