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Seamless access from Canvas LMS for students, teachers, and administrators

You asked, we delivered. Now, two new Paper applications are available for Canvas’ learning management system (LMS). These allow students to quickly access Paper right from the Canvas platform, easing up pathways toward academic success.


Download Paper's Canvas LMS integration overview

What the Canvas-Paper integrations looks like

The 24/7 unlimited tutoring platform your district knows and loves is now available in Canvas’ LMS. Paper has two new Canvas app integrations; one is for live tutoring, and the other is for Essay Review. After installing both apps, students will see two links on their Canvas dashboard: “Chat with a Paper tutor” and “Get writing help from Paper.” Clicking “Chat with a Paper tutor” will open a new tutoring session on topics related to the Canvas LMS course page. If a student clicks “Get writing help from Paper,” they will be redirected to Paper’s Essay Review page.

Why combine Canvas and Paper?

The benefits of Paper’s Canvas app integrations don’t extend solely to students. In fact, teachers and administrators benefit as well.

Canvas Paper integration

Perks for students

  • Easy access to academic support.
    Our Canvas integrations offer an easier way to access tutoring. Paper’s Canvas apps automatically log students in and allow them to either launch a tutoring session or quickly submit an essay. This shortens their wait for help and instills productive study habits.

  • Seamless integration.
    Given that students are already familiar with Canvas, Paper’s app integrations fit seamlessly into what they know.

Perks for teachers

  • Higher usage across classrooms.
    With fewer steps needed to get academic support from Paper, more students will take advantage of the platform. This will enhance students’ understanding of key concepts and bolster their written work—making teachers’ lives easier in turn.

Perks for administrators

  • Healthier data sets.
    Increased use of the Paper platform provides administrators with helpful data on exactly how students and schools use 24/7 tutoring.

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