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How Paper fits into classrooms at Starkville Oktibbeha School District

Watch: At Starkville Oktibbeha School District, teachers use Paper as a classroom management tool to help students reach answers on their own


A diverse district supercharges state testing prep with academic support and practice tools

Academic support tools that help students prepare for state testing

Students can access homework help, writing feedback, and practice tools—in the classroom and after hours  

The dilemma

Administrators at Starkville Oktibbeha SD wanted to find engaging ways to help teachers increase proficiency and confidence in key subject areas such as math and reading, especially when it came to preparing students for state testing.

The solution

Recognizing that districts around the state were facing many of the same challenges as Starkville Oktibbeha SD, the Mississippi Department of Education offered its districts the option of adopting Paper's Educational Support System for academic support, practice, and college and career applications.

The takeaway

Student usage of Paper has exceeded the district’s expectations. Teachers who assign essays especially appreciate Paper tutor’s writing feedback, while math teachers are encouraging students to use Paper's practice tool to prepare for state testing.

About Starkville Oktibbeha CSD's
student population

  Enrollment English Learners Socioeconomically









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