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Paper's Unlimited Pricing Model

Paper’s unlimited pricing model provides unlimited, 24/7/365 umbrella coverage for every student at a fixed cost regardless of how much tutoring support each student receives.


Download Paper's Unlimited Pricing Model overview

Benefits Over Traditional Pricing Structures

  • Promotes adoption since no additional costs are incurred as usage increases.
  • Does not require scheduling or allocation of hours, eliminating red tape and costly program management.
  • Is more cost-effective than usage-based models so schools can say yes to every student who needs help without the need for complicated eligibility criteria.
  • Ensures ample staffing of qualified tutors 24/7 by enabling up front demand planning, hiring, training and service quality control.

Superior Support for District Equity Goals

  • Removes barriers to access by eliminating
    the need to allocate, schedule or limit tutoring
  • Enables no-cost support for families by
    partnering directly with schools to deliver
    tutoring services.
  • Expands learning opportunities for every
    student by putting unlimited, 1:1 instructional
    support within every student’s reach
    24/7/365 - whether they are accelerating
    learning, or pursuing advanced coursework
    and enrichment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re not sure how many students will use the service, so why plan for every student in advance?
Great academic support requires talented educators. Usage-based services use a reactive staffing model that forces them to rely on “crowdsourced” contractors who don't have the training or oversight to provide quality instructional support. By planning up front, Paper ensures highly qualified educators are always available to give students a great learning experience.
Is Paper’s service truly unlimited?
Yes! Students have no restrictions on how long tutoring sessions last, or how many times they can come back for help.
Paper’s Unlimited Pricing Model is more than we budgeted for. How can we find the funding we need?

A great place to start is by reading the guide to Navigating Federal Funding.

To learn more about the benefits of unlimited 24/7 tutoring and
how it works, please consider getting in touch with us!

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