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Empowering Albuquerque Public Schools with 24/7 tutoring access

At Paper, we are excited to spotlight our expanded partnership with Albuquerque Public Schools (APS), a collaboration that's revolutionizing how students in grades 3-12 access educational support. 

Round-the-clock academic support for APS students

Our partnership with APS now offers students unlimited access to Live Help 24/7, even during winter break. This ensures that students can receive help whenever they need it, without the constraints of traditional school hours. Recognizing the diverse linguistic needs of students, Paper provides tutoring in multiple languages, including Spanish and Mandarin. 

By completing a consent form through ParentVUE, parents can enable their children to access our live tutors via the Paper app, integrated seamlessly with APS's Classlink portal.

Celebrating the positive impact: Voices from APS educators

Since its introduction in APS in April, Paper has earned high praise from educators.

“I love Paper! It is incredibly user-friendly for teachers and students, offering a fantastic new resource for my students to get help whenever they need it,” says Michele Dean, a special education math teacher at Del Norte High School.

"Paper is perfect for our school,” adds Sandra Krivanek, another Del Norte teacher. “It offers a safe, non-judgmental space for students to receive help and feedback, especially for those who may not always know how to ask for it."

“The quality of writing that students submit is improving in large part because of the feedback received from tutors,” says Christin Johnson, AVID Site Coordinator at James Monroe Middle School. “Tutors ask great questions that push students to think deeper about a certain topic during live sessions. We are excited for students to have access to Paper 24/7!"

                       Video originally aired on KOB 4.

A record of success: APS students' usage

The impact of our partnership is evident in the numbers: This school year, APS students have completed nearly 86,240 learning activities through Paper, with our tutors providing over 1,825 hours of help. This support extends to reviewing almost 900 hours of students' written work, offering significant academic and financial relief to the APS community.

Beyond tutoring: A suite of academic support tools

Our commitment to supporting APS students goes beyond tutoring. We offer a Review Center for writing assignments, Paper Missions for interactive skill-building in math and vocabulary, Paper Reading for reading skill enhancement, and comprehensive resources for career and college readiness with MajorClarity by Paper. These tools ensure that APS students are well-equipped for success in all academic and future career endeavors.

Thinking of bringing Paper to your schools?