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Alternative career paths: Paper’s commitment to full-time tutors

Jun 15, 2022 3:55:31 PM

Paper’s tutors provide students with top-tier help and empower them on their academic journeys. With this in mind, Paper is proud to share our commitment to full-time tutors. This was a previously unexplored alternative career path for educators, and we created it to support our students beyond the classroom. 

With more than 2 million students on our platform and to maintain pace with our rapid growth, we recently welcomed the first cohort of full-time tutors to our workforce. These tutors—who were previously part-time employees—transitioned to full-time roles.

It’s a significant step for Paper, but this shift is only the start of our journey toward building an even more supportive, collaborative, and energizing workplace that tutors are proud to be a part of. It is also a milestone in growing our platform support to improve the user experience and better serve our students. 

How tutors make their mark

Paper’s tutors are subject matter experts who engage with students and help them develop their skills by providing guidance and step-by-step support via our platform. They make a meaningful difference in students’ lives by helping them excel academically, develop a growth mindset, and become lifelong learners.

“Our tutors are the heart of our business and enable us to bring engaging and motivating educational experiences to our students,” said Roberto Cipriani, chief operating officer and chief technical officer at Paper.

“Having dedicated full-time tutors who embark on this journey with us will make a strong impact on the support we provide, boosting students’ confidence in turn. Our tutors play a critical part in the success of our business, and they help eliminate educational inequities head-on with us.” 

At Paper, the introduction of the full-time tutor role as an alternative career path for educators is another step toward empowering millions of students via high-quality academic commitment and support. This also provides a chance for valued educators to have consistent full-time hours, work-life balance, and benefits.

On top of that, Paper continues to offer opportunities with high growth potential to part-time tutors, who are able to maintain flexibility based on availability and the opportunity to grow their career within the company.

Why Paper tutors love their jobs

So how do tutors describe working at Paper? One tutor appreciates the role’s flexibility—not to mention getting a chance to make a difference.

Tobi Garza, a full-time Paper tutor, said:

“When I first joined the company, I fell in love with the flexibility of the part-time role and what it meant for our students. After seeing what Paper was able to accomplish firsthand, the concept of transforming tutoring into an actual career amazed me.”

Garza also mentioned how Paper is making its mark on the education industry.

“Until now, tutoring was seen as a part-time gig that people turned to when they needed supplemental income. I truly believe that Paper is paving the way toward tangible change in the education system—and this role exemplifies the promise of an alternative career path for educators.”

Since its early days, Paper has come a long way toward creating unique opportunities for educators. Although the journey hasn't been perfect, we continue to focus on supporting our tutors. After all, they enable us to grow Paper’s platform and will have an immense impact on our students' learning.

This is only the beginning of how we can pursue our mission of delivering educational support for every student.

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