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North American Learners Gain 24/7 Support From Canadian Unicorn

Aug 23, 2022 4:08:54 PM

Paper's CEO and co-founder, Phil Cutler, was interviewed by Tom Vander Ark for Forbes. Vander Ark asked Cutler about why and how he started and grew Paper—from 30 headquarters employees and about 150 tutors at the beginning of 2020 to now 500 corporate employees and 2,100 tutors. 

Cutler also discusses:

  • how Paper supports U.S. school districts by providing round-the-clock academic support
  • how there was a need to address unfinished learning throughout the pandemic
  • Paper's July 2021 and February 2022 funding rounds
  • some of Paper's partnerships, including the Mississippi Department of Education
  • how usage rates and patterns depend on district leadership
  • when and how students use Paper's services
  • who Paper's tutors are

 You can read the full story on Forbes here!

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