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Carmel USD gets board approval for English Language Learner support through Paper

All ELLs and recently reclassified ELLs have access to real-time help from multilingual tutors

"The nice thing is you can get tutoring in both English and Spanish, which is really valuable if you have a Spanish-speaking parent. The Spanish-speaking parent can go in with the kid when they’re at home, they can ask questions in Spanish, and that parent can help them in Spanish even if the kid’s doing this stuff in English. They can have that interaction, so it does provide access for those parents as well to the tutors with their child.”

— Blaise DiGoralmo, Chief Academic Officer

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Carmel Unified School District takes an equitable step towards improving ELL support

Carmel USD partners with Paper to grant all English Language Learners and recently reclassified English Language Learners from grades 5-12 access to 24/7 chat-based Live Help and Essay Review from multilingual tutors.

About the student population

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
English learners
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2,483 16.1% 2.7%

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