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How Paper helps Mesquite ISD students gain confidence, and supports teachers

Watch: Students, teachers, and administrators share how anytime access to Paper tutors is helping Mesquite ISD increase student confidence and provide much-needed support for classroom teachers.


In Texas, Mesquite ISD fosters student confidence with 24/7 academic support

The dilemma

The district wanted to provide individualized support to its students but faced a serious shortage of teacher’s aides and tutors. And parents, many of whom work long hours, could not fill the gap. 

The dilemma: Mesquite ISD faced serious shortage of teacher’s aides and tutors
The solution: 24/7 availability a key factor in Mesquite ISD's decision to implement Paper



The 24/7 availability of Paper was also a key factor in Mesquite’s decision, as was the fact that Paper offered access to tutors specializing in a broad range of subjects. 
Better yet, Paper’s inquiry-based method aligned with Mesquite ISD’s approach to college and career readiness.


Implementation and rollout


From a technical standpoint, the Paper platform was simple to implement and easy for both students and teachers to adopt. To ensure adoption, Mesquite ISD leaders deployed a variety of strategies and made use of a variety of content Paper provides, from flyers to pre-packaged social media campaigns.


Implementation and rollout of Paper at Mesquite ISD
Paper in action at Mesquite ISD

Paper in action


As more and more teachers realized that Paper was easy to use and could actually make their teaching lives easier, adoption across the district increased. And students could clearly see the benefit, too.



The impact


From greater student confidence to enhanced college and career readiness, both learners and educators are seeing the benefits of Paper. Reaching out for help and forming written questions reinforces critical skills for life beyond school. And Paper Review Center is helping relieve some of the burden of marking written assignments.


Paper's impact at Mesquite ISD

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