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English teachers see students who use Paper get more A's

“The students who don’t submit to Paper are getting C’s and D’s. And the students who are submitting to Paper are getting A’s and B’s.”
— Teacher, Woodbridge High School, Irvine USD, California

Leveling up students' writing and editing capabilities

Leveraging Paper’s Review Center for individualized writing feedback resulted in positive outcomes for both teachers and students.

The dilemma

9th graders were struggling with essay writing and peer reviewing. Their English teachers wanted to prepare them for sophomore year, where teachers would not have enough instructional time to teach them these skills.

The solution

To learn what good writing and editing should look like, Ms. Christina King and her 9th grade English team required their students to use Paper’s Essay Review feature for grammatical, structural, and stylistic feedback before submitting their work.

The takeaway

Viewing corrections and annotations from Paper tutors allowed students to improve their future assignments and peer reviews. Teachers have since seen their students’ grades increase while also lightening their own workload.

About the student population

Woodbridge High School is one of 43 schools in Irvine Unified School District.

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
English learners
irvine logo 35,291 18.7% 19.7%
woodbridge logo 2,466 21.7% 8.4%

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