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Watch: Yelm Community Schools talks about the impact of Paper as a tier-two and three support—plus how it benefits teachers.


Yelm Community Schools seeks 24/7 extra help to close opportunity gaps

Giving students academic support to succeed while lightening the load on teachers

Writing support and on-demand help using the Paper Method bolsters teachers’ approach when they aren’t available.

The dilemma

Even though the district hired paraprofessionals to support students after school hours and on Saturdays, many students—often those most in need—could not avail themselves of them. Jobs, childcare responsibilities, sports clubs and other commitments stood in the way.

The solution

Yelm Community Schools sought a way to provide extra help that wasn’t “place-bound or time-bound.” They partnered with Paper to provide every student with expert 24/7, 1:1 homework help, writing feedback and study support across 200 subject areas.

The takeaway

Seeing Paper’s benefits, teachers immediately made it part of their assignments and curriculum. Students then adopted Paper quickly, engaging in thousands of live sessions and submitting more than 1,500 essays for review—offering “incredibly positive” feedback.

About the student population

Yelm Community Schools serve learners across two counties spanning two hundred miles.

  Enrollment English Learners Socioeconomically

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