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Driving K-12 success: Influence of
local politics and community partnerships

Part of the Restart & Reimagine panel series that brought together K-12 leaders
to discuss the evolution of education post-COVID.

Featured speakers

Dr. David Miyashiro
Cajon Valley Union School District, CA

Dr. Charles Sampson
Freehold Regional High School District, NJ

Dr. M. Ann Levett
Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools, GA

Andrew J. Rotherham
Bellwether Education Partners

About the discussion

Local communities play a significant role in how individual districts have tackled the K-12 disruption caused by COVID-19, impacting how schools are held accountable and how partnerships can lead to innovative solutions to the hard problems in education.

Panelists discuss the role of local communities and partnerships, how we can measure success in this new environment of blended learning, and how we can leverage partnerships to drive modernization.

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Five highlights

1. Districts are measuring success in new ways, focusing on metrics that matter
2. District leaders are pushing for change in state accountability standards
3. With inconsistent guidance from state officials, districts have had to create their own systems
4. There is more political noise than ever, and district leaders are fighting to put students first
5. This year has led to some unforgettable 'Aha' moments