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Walking the talk: Planning for meaningful, equitable change

Part of the Restart & Reimagine panel series that brought together K-12 leaders to discuss the evolution of education post-COVID.

Featured speakers

Headshot of Susan Enfield
Dr. Susan Enfield
Highline Public Schools, WA

Headshot of Kristi Wilson
Dr. Kristi Wilson
Buckeye Elementary School District, AZ

Headshot of Marlon Styles
Marlon Styles
Middletown City School District, OH

Headshot of Tony Wan
Tony Wan

About the discussion

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has been touted as the push that the K-12 world needed to undergo a seismic transformation into a more equitable system. However, to break the muscle memory of a bureaucracy as entrenched as our public education system, school leaders have a tough fight ahead.

Beyond honest conversations about existing gaps, leaders must put together tactical plans to enact meaningful change. Panelists share perspectives on the challenges, opportunities, and actionable steps needed to move the needle in our fight for equitable education for all.

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Five takeaways

1. What shouldn’t go back to normal
2. Breaking K-12 muscle memory
3. Once you know better, do better
4. Reconciling with economic realities
5. Hopes for the new administration