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Hillsborough County student journalist interviews Paper CEO on the value of 24/7 tutoring access

Following Hillsborough County Schools' rollout of Paper's on-demand tutoring platform, sophomore student Vikram interviewed CEO Phil Cutler for his school's student news site. He also shared his own experience accessing help on Paper.

Around 11:30pm one evening, I was having difficulty with a question on my trigonometry homework; none of the people in my class were able to help and it couldn't wait till the next morning. I had heard about Paper but assumed you had to request an appointment and wait for help. To my pleasant surprise, I was instantly connected with an incredibly helpful tutor who guided me towards the answer while making sure I grasped the concepts. After a quick session, I was feeling more confident in the lesson and my abilities. I was blown away. I love using Paper because it’s very in the moment!

Vikram, High School Sophomore 

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I know how difficult it can be to write an essay, let alone address all of the requirements that the teacher may have. Paper appears to be a safety net that can help students who might otherwise struggle in silence.

—Eric Smithers, English Teacher

The number one thing we tried to achieve with everything we do for students is to try and improve student confidence and academic confidence.

Philip Cutler, Paper CEO

Thumbnail of Cover of Case Study - Irvine USD

In this high school, 9th graders were struggling with essay writing and peer reviewing, so their English teachers required them to use Paper’s Essay Review feature.
Teachers have since seen their students’ grades increase while also experiencing Paper lightening their own workload.
With Paper, Hillsborough County Schools is delivering on-demand, multilingual, 1:1 academic support across 200+ subjects—so students always have access to expert help when, where, and how they need it.

Be the next district to provide unlimited, 24/7 high-dosage tutoring at scale