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Teachers using paper

Teacher Laura on how 24/7 tutors help unlock time for her family

With only 52 minutes per period, teachers often have to extend themselves to provide one-on-one attention to every student that needs it.  And when they leave school, grading can take hours and hours out of their personal time. Watch how Paper is helping this English teacher strike a balance.

More thank yous than ever

Paper has really reduced my grading time. I can give specific directions and skills that I want the tutor to work on with my students, and I can focus on mastery or enriching and taking their writing further.

The last two years using it in my classroom has really allowed me to have home time again.

— Laura Schoenfelder, English teacher, Val Verde Unified School District, California

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Resource inequities. Low confidence. Teacher burnout. In this series of short films, we explore how school systems are tackling age-old challenges with innovative, 24/7 academic support—driving potential and confidence in their communities.

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