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Local news features the first district in Pennsylvania to offer free, 24/7 academic support

Richland School District takes a major step towards educational equity through Paper

"We had to do something, and the administrative team found this program. We are the first in the state, and we are very happy to launch this. And we truly understand that the parents are having a challenging time at home.”

— Arnold Nadonley, Superintendent, Richland School District, PA  

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Richland School District selects Paper to combat the COVID slide

"Like all schools throughout the country, our students have been experiencing academic deficiencies due to the COVID slide. Our teachers are phenomenal and do a great job while at school, but some of our students need additional resources when they are home in the evenings and on weekends. We are partnering with Paper to provide our students and their families with a 24/7 online tutoring service to try and decrease the impacts of the COVID slide.”
— Brandon Bailey, Director, Ed. Services, Richland School District, PA

About the student population

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
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1,506 26%

Achieve your district's strategic objectives

High-dosage tutoring is an evidence-based intervention that is available through various sources of funding. Paper takes high-dosage tutoring a step further with support that is equitable, 24/7, and designed to support key stakeholders across your community.

Take a big step towards equity

Close the divide between students who can access private academic support and those who cannot, at a fixed cost to your district.


Increase opportunities to excel

Give every student unlimited 24/7 access to personalized learning help in all subjects from multilingual tutors who meet them where they are.


Extend teacher bandwidth

Leverage the power of virtual TAs that reinforce classroom instruction and keep teachers in the loop with students’ progress and needs.

Let's talk about your district goals & funding options