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How Irvine USD is fulfilling its
commitment to equity

The district implemented Paper to address equity issues long before the pandemic, but it proved vital to its 2020-2021 reopening plan

“With Paper, we have highly qualified tutors who are not providing answers—it’s a Socratic dialogue. The kids don't have to pay for it, and it's always there for them. It was a no-brainer! I wanted to get involved, and Paper was fantastic to work with—incredibly accessible, open, creative, and willing to listen to us.”
— Cassie Parham, Assistant Superintendent of Education Services, Irvine USD, California

Reopening secrets from this leading CA district

Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Cassie Parham and CTO Brianne Ford shared their 2020-21 strategic plan and how Paper fits into their educational support strategy.

Here's what to expect from the webinar:

  • How the collaboration between technology and educational services led to a successful back-to-school plan
  • How the plan shifts when things change
  • Creating a Virtual Academy
  • How to support students and teachers around the clock
  • How Paper supports equity by providing unlimited 24/7 access to online tutoring

About the student population

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
English learners
irvine school logo 35,291 18.7% 19.7%

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