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Teacher Advocacy Kit

Paper provides an extra layer of support for students in and out of class—reinforcing teachers’ instruction and keeping them in the loop every step of the way. Use this kit to help your district partner with Paper to provide free, 24/7 tutoring to all students. Not sure if you have access to Paper today? Use our access lookup tool

3 ways to take action today


Raise awareness on social media


Rally your peers and community


Reach out to your district leadership


Raise awareness on social media

Use our social media kit to get the word out

📣 Tap into your following and social circles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to capture the attention of school districts and to rally the support of your community around access to Paper for all students. 


The Paper team has created social media graphics + captions that you can share on your socials to help you advocate for Paper in your district! To use the assets, simply:

  • Download the image file and copy the post caption to your desktop or mobile device.
  • Upload the image file to the social platform of your choice, and paste the caption - or upload as an Instagram/Facebook story slide!
Download files
...or access kit on Google Drive →

📌 Tip: Be sure to tag Paper and your school district's social accounts - including school administrators and board members!


Rally your peers and community

Share materials about Paper

Districts across the country are beginning to expand access to free, 24/7 online tutoring—your school can be next. Share resources with your instructional team and professional networks to explain how Paper works—not just for students, but for educators, too. Learn how Paper supports teachers here.

Download brochure

Present to your instructional team

If you want to get your peers even more engaged, consider taking 5 minutes in your next team meeting to showcase just how Paper works.

Use the slide deck

📌 Tip: You can also team up with your peers to present to your district leadership team using the slide deck above. Which brings us to…


Reach out to your district leadership

Email key decision-makers

Use our customizable email template to tell your school principal, district administrators, and board members about how Paper can help provide free, 24/7 tutoring for all students. It includes real impact stories, testimonials, and resources for their reference.

Use the email template
...or send email now →

Get prepared

To consider such a significant rollout, your leadership team will want all the details. As you email or present to them, prepare to address common questions and misconceptions they might have about Paper.

Read the FAQs

📌 Tip: You can create an even greater impact by adding your own personal experiences as a caretaker to the email template.

Learn how Paper can help your students