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Why Paper ?

Nearly every option for extra help and after-school support runs up against the same limitation: scale. Districts struggle to cost-effectively scale personalized academic support for each student's needs. But with Paper’s educational support system (ESS), you can now scale to serve every student equitably.

Providing personalized academic support is challenging


Sometimes the teachers or tutors you’ve hired sit in an empty room. Other times dozens of students show up, and there aren’t enough educators to give each learner the attention they need. And if students need help outside your planned hours, they’re simply stuck.


Because it’s hard to predict demand, it’s also difficult to budget accurately. Overtime costs for on-staff educators quickly add up. And contracted tutoring services typically bill based on usage. The result is runaway costs and wasted expenses that are difficult to justify.

Shortage of
skill sets

Districts across the nation are already facing a teacher shortage. Finding, hiring, and retaining after-school educators skilled across a range of subjects—with the training to assist students with widely varying needs—is a daunting task for any administrator.

How does Paper stack up against typical academic support services?

Paper’s educational support system delivers academic support at scale

Unlike typical extra help options, Paper isn’t constrained by unpredictable demand, the time of day, unmanageable costs, or the local availability of teachers, tutors, or parents. You can scale to serve all students—at a fixed cost.

Large team of tutors

Paper is staffed to support thousands of school districts across the country. That means a big surge in demand for extra help at your school is just a regular Tuesday for Paper—there’s always staff on tap to deliver 1:1 help every single time.

Specialized tutors on staff

Because Paper operates at a large scale, it becomes possible to retain highly specialized tutors—like a coding wiz versed in multiple programming languages, a chemistry tutor fluent in Spanish, or a European history expert who speaks Mandarin.

Smart matching

Based on a student’s question, language preference, and other attributes, Paper's ESS automatically pairs students with the best available tutor—so learners are always guided through their challenges by a subject matter expert.

Intelligent capacity planning

How can an ESS stay cost-effective but still offer on-demand help 24/7 with a 30-second live chat response time? Paper’s predictive analytics forecast usage, so there are always exactly the right amount of tutors online.

Integration and easy access

Paper easily integrates with your existing tech infrastructure for single sign-on and student rostering. Access is easy and intuitive for students across multiple devices.

Predictable fixed cost

Paper is licensed based on a fixed-per-student pricing. You can budget with 100% accuracy because costs stay the same no matter how much learners, teachers, and administrators use Paper to deliver the extra help students need and deserve.

Onboarding and adoption support

Paper’s skilled onboarding team works with you to ensure successful adoption. From onboarding and professional development to student engagement, we’re with you every step of the way.

Designed for educators, too

Paper’s ESS includes dashboards for administrators and teachers—giving you data-driven insights to monitor progress, make better strategic decisions, and do your job more effectively.

Ready to take the next step?

We'd love to discuss the ways Paper can help meet your unique challenges and needs.