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Why choose Paper's Tutoring Program?

Nearly every option for academic support runs up against the same limitations: equity, cost, and scale. Paper's tutoring solution was built to move past these roadblocks.

Districts face many challenges to providing high-dosage tutoring 


Every learner needs extra help from time to time, and demand for tutoring is soaring across communities. But logistical hurdles stand in the way of sustaining tutoring programs that serve every student—especially at the time, place, and volume needed.


With usage-based tutoring, it’s tough to predict demand and budget accurately. The result could be runaway costs and less availability for students needing support. Unlimited tutoring means districts easily stay within budget, all while saying "yes" to every student asking for help.


Districts across the nation face alarming staff shortages. Finding, hiring, and retaining after-school educators skilled across a range of subjects—with the training to assist students with a plethora of needs—is a daunting task for any administrator.

How does Paper stack up against typical academic support options?

Paper delivers unlimited 24/7 tutoring  at scale

Paper isn’t constrained by unmanageable demand; the time of day; unpredictable costs; or the availability of teachers, tutors, or parents. Unlike typical options, Paper provides truly equitable academic support at scale—all at a fixed cost.


Always-on availability

Paper's staff is always primed to support thousands of school districts across the country. That means a big surge in demand for extra help at your school is just a regular Tuesday for Paper. There’s always staff waiting in the wings to deliver personalized help—every single time.


Dedicated education professionals

Because Paper offers permanent employment and professional enrichment opportunities, we're able to recruit and retain the best of the best: a team of highly qualified, mission-driven experts that's trained to weave foundational skills into subject-specific tutoring.


Seamless expert-matching

Paper instantly pairs students with the best tutor to meet their individual needs based on question, grade level, and language preference. Learners always navigate their individual challenges with a true subject matter expert.


Intelligent capacity-planning

How can Paper offer on-demand 24/7 tutoring while still being cost-effective? Our predictive analytics forecast usage, meaning there's always exactly the right amount of tutors online.

educational tech integration icon

Painless integration and access

Paper easily integrates with your existing tech infrastructure for single sign-ons and student rostering. Access is easy and intuitive for students, even across multiple devices.

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Effortless budgeting

Paper is licensed based on fixed per-student pricing. Because costs stay the same no matter how often learners, teachers, and administrators use Paper to deliver the extra help students need and deserve, you can budget with 100% accuracy.

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By-your-side support

Paper’s skilled onboarding team works with you at all stages of your journey to ensure successful adoption. From onboarding and professional development to student engagement, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Educator-friendly design

Paper’s platform includes dashboards for administrators and teachers—giving you data-driven insights to monitor progress, make better strategic decisions, and do your job more effectively.

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