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Big Spring School District extends learning with Paper™ (Clone)

Pennsylvania’s Big Spring School District is partnering with Paper™ to provide on-demand tutoring for 1,600 students in grades five through 12.

The Cumberland County district is headquartered in Newville, which is about 35 miles from the state capital, Harrisburg, in nearby Dauphin County.

Dr. Kevin Roberts, the superintendent of schools, noted that Paper’s Educational Support System would complement in-class support for students in the district.

“We envision Paper becoming an extension of our teachers’ direct instruction and look forward to our students benefiting from it greatly,” said Roberts.

“We are extremely excited to engage in a partnership with Paper to provide our students with 24/7 access to live tutors to support their learning. The approach of these tutors to provide feedback and instruction, rather than merely correct answers to questions, helps our district to ensure that true learning doesn’t stop with the last bell of the school day.”

— Dr. Kevin Roberts, Superintendent of Schools, Big Spring School District, Pennsylvania

Tutors on the platform use the Paper Method, a holistic, theory-based instructional framework designed to make sure every session is successful.

Want to find out how Paper can help ensure your students have the support they need during the school day and after hours? Write to us today to learn more.

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