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Why Paramount USD students, educators, and families love Paper

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ryan Smith explains how his district is overcoming long-existing obstacles of providing extra help—and what he makes of the outstanding student engagement on Paper.

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Overcoming age-old challenges

"One of the things that schools have always struggled with is: How do you make sure that kids that need extra support receive it? And how do you personalize it?"

—  Dr. Ryan Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Paramount USD, CA

Overcoming age-old challenges

How Paramount USD overcomes typical ...

What high usage shows

"The amount of sessions I see happen on weekends and beyond school hours—it shows us that we're providing a tool that students are accessing all the time, and when they need it.

That's something I believe is a big step forward in terms of equity. Covid or not, the needs for something like this have been there."

—  Dr. Ryan Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Paramount USD, CA

What high usage shows

How students & families are benefitting fr...

Top-notch educator support

"The level of support that Paper gives is really top-notch. They've been meeting with each of our principals to talk on a regular basis about how the implementations are going. They've done trainings at each of the schools.

Paper makes it easy on the teacher end—it's not a burden on teachers at all." 

—  Dr. Ryan Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Paramount USD, CA

Top-notch educator support

How Paper supports teachers & admins a...

About the student population

  Enrollment Socioeconomically
English learners
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8,438 40.8% 22.8%

Paper is different from typical academic support services

Promotes educational equity

Learning help that’s accessible to every student regardless of socioeconomic status, scheduling challenges, “extra help stigma,” or any other roadblock. You’ll level the playing field for all students to succeed.

Delivers personalized learning

1:1 support from expert tutors. Students get help where, when, how, and as much as they need it. So they can catch up or get ahead—with their classroom teacher in the loop every step of the way.

Scales to serve all students

Academic support that isn’t constrained by unmanageable demand, the time of day, unpredictable costs, or the availability of teachers, parents, or tutors. You can deploy support to all learners—at a fixed cost.

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