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Paper announces statewide tutoring partnership with Mississippi

In a first for the Paper team, we’re proud to announce a statewide partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE). This agreement aligns with a multimillion-dollar MDE effort to promote student safety and academic success throughout the state.

24/7 tutoring access—for hundreds of thousands of students

By working with the state’s education department, Paper is slated to provide tutoring access for as many as 350,000 students, with learners ranging from third grade through high school. Because of the state-level partnership, districts can opt in to the program, allowing them to offer the service to students at no charge to the district. Tutoring will also be free to students—a major step toward democratizing access to educational support.

“This initiative makes it clear that the state’s highest-ranking education leaders view tutoring as a vital academic resource,” said Paper co-founder and CEO Philip Cutler.

Paper will provide students in the Magnolia State with unlimited 24/7 access to academic support in subjects like math and English language arts (ELA). Skilled tutors will be ready to provide assistance in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Take a look at our full press release for more information about why Mississippi Chooses Paper for Statewide Unlimited, 24/7 Tutoring.

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