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#Suptchat Recap: Being Limitless

In case you missed the first #suptchat of 2021 on Twitter last night, the Paper team is here to provide you with a comprehensive wrap-up.

The dawn of a new year, especially one following a historic one such as 2020, brings with it hope, inspiration, and resolutions for the future. Superintendents Michael Lubelfeld and Nick Polyak facilitated this month's conversation between school leaders about being limitless in their work.


Q1: What limits have you overcome in your life to be where you are today?

The first question prompted recognition of how far we have collectively come to be here in 2021. It was inspiring to read the personal challenges these school leaders have tackled.


Q2: Who do you admire for breaking through limits and why?

#Suptchat participants gave credit where it was due in response to this question, from fellow educators, to students, to loved ones.


Q3: What are you doing to help individual leaders in your organization know they are capable of more than they imagine?

Being limitless in a leadership role involves empowering those you lead to break through their own limits as well. School leaders described how they go about this.


Q4: More importantly, what is your school/district doing to help kids know they are capable of more than they imagine?

#Suptchat participants also described how they approach their primary responsibility of empowering students to realize their full potential.

Q5: How are you working to empower those that are typically marginalized by current institutions within education?

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are at the core of education. In response to this question, participants echoed just this:


Q6: What's the difference between a limit and an excuse?

This question provoked some thoughtful, quotable answers!


Q7: What dream are you not allowing yourself to dream because the perceived risk is too high?

As educators continue to seize the current opportunity to reimagine our education system, the #suptchat moderators dared participants to share their visions—both personal and systemic—for a brighter future.


Q8: Share a gif or an image that captures the idea of overcoming a limit or being limitless.

Some favorites included:


Finally, some concluding remarks from the moderators:


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