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Cambridge Public Schools students to get a boost from Paper™

Cambridge Public Schools (CPS), which is located just outside Boston, is rolling out Paper™ for more than 3,000 students in fifth through 12th grades as part of a multipronged effort to provide learners with further support.

CPS Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Dr. Barbara Mullen expressed excitement and enthusiasm for the initiative.

“Paper’s support in Cambridge Public Schools is a strategic partnership that allows for our fifth through 12th grade students to have anytime, anywhere, chat-based, and subject-specific tutoring,” said Mullen.

District leaders believe that Paper will give students a boost by providing multilingual academic support across different subject areas.

“The 24/7 year-round model offers flexibility and a leg up for our students who may not have access to high-quality tutoring in other ways. We know that our families are asking for additional support to help our students who are struggling. In addition to our implementation of other tools, Paper is offered in multiple languages and students will be able to access help for the majority of their subjects.”

— Dr. Barbara Mullen, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Cambridge Public Schools, Massachusetts

Mullen believes Paper will help bolster teachers’ efforts too.

“Paper also provides support for educators to see where students are taking the lead in their learning, how tutoring sessions are going, and how they can build on students’ learning in the classroom,” said Mullen. “We know that to be truly equitable as a district, we need to provide flexible supports for our students.”

The district’s drive to offer responsive tools for students throughout the community is a wide-ranging undertaking, and Paper is proud to be part of the solution.

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