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Edmonds School District partners with Paper to meet student and teacher needs

Edmonds School District has partnered with Paper to equip all grade 9-12 students and teachers with support from 24/7 tutors. 

Whenever students are stuck on homework, need support while studying, or want writing feedback, they can simply log on to the Paper platform to receive help within seconds—at no cost to their families.

Assistant Superintendent Gregory Schwab said about the partnership:

"One of the things we have realized across the last couple of years as we have navigated the impacts of COVID on our students and our staff is that we needed to provide access to a resource that met the needs of our students and provided our teachers with an additional strategy to help them support their students.

"Paper checked both of these boxes for us."

"24/7 access to tutors in a variety of academic subjects helps our students get the help they need when they need it."

"Paper also provides our teachers with another set of intervention strategies they can use with students who need the extra help.”

Thinking of bringing Paper to your schools?